For it is in the night that the monsters of our minds emerge and stain themselves upon the paper in our hands.

Headlee_1517 My motto for stories is the scarier, the better, but scary doesn’t always mean blood and guts (unless we’re talking about zombies). The perfect horror story is not overly violent nor does it reveal everything at once.  Imagination is the best tool for fear.  The more elements of a scene or a character I leave unexplained, the more quickly the fear will grow within the recesses of the reader’s mind.

I am captivated by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.  From his style I have learned to leverage the device of cosmic horror and use it in a way that compels the reader to come to his or her own conclusions.  By not sharing every piece of information with a reader as to why a character is driven to act in such a way or why a scene is so mysterious forces a reader to become a part of the story.

My works focus wholly on the macabre and I intend to frighten my readers with their own imaginations.  I bring monsters and cosmicism to life. Consider yourself warned…


Hope Page 1

                Available at:                                         Coming Soon!




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