Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity (2014)

Anthology_v003In eternity, all stories are timeless.

This anthology contains Amanda Headlee’s short story, Parallax.

The true meaning of our lives is usually never realized until the moment before we die. Ciarán, a young man who is tormented by Death, must come to terms with his destiny and understand his true purpose in life or risk losing everyone that he loves. Will Ciarán accept the path that was written for him or will he revolt against his fate, give up his family, and accept the consequences of his betrayal?

Other stories within the Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity anthology include:

A man obsessed with a burlesque dancer discovers she may not be the beauty she seemed from afar…

Desperate to save his dying wife, an exiled scientist makes a discovery that could change the fate of a galaxy…

An ex-con’s hearing aid picks up a vintage radio show that never aired, leading her to a confrontation with the unexpected…

These are but a few of the imaginative tales awaiting you within these pages as chronicled by Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Phil Giunta, Amanda Headlee, Susanna Reilly, Stuart S. Roth, Steven H. Wilson and Lance Woods.

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Other online retailers are listed on the  Goodreads page.



Coming Soon from The Sarcastic Muse:

Project Management for Authors

by Amanda Headlee and Robyn LaRue

Project Management for AuthorsWriting is a calling of the heart. Authorship is a business. If terms such as production, milestones, and project management are confusing, Project Management for Authors is for you.  If you already have a system but would like to make it work harder, Project Management for Authors is for you. With a solid overview, tools, and techniques, we’ll show you how scheduling and production goals can make the difference between meeting with success or falling through the cracks.

Amanda Headlee is a full-time, professional project manager. Robyn LaRue is an indie author and former executive assistant. They bring 35 years of combined experience to helping new and establishing authors tackle the sometimes daunting process of getting the business of books from chaos to control.

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