Down the Rabbit Hole

Ah, yes.  I am doing that one thing that I swore to every soul I would never do… start a blog.  Reason being, who really cares about what I am doing or have to say on a personal level?  So what am I doing here?  Well, over the past weekend I attended a writer’s conference and one presenter noted that blogs are a hot spot to get readers interested in an author’s writing.  Blogs give readers more insight on the writer and their writing style.  To say the least, my interest was immediately piqued.  Readers are not only interested on what writer’s have to say on a professional level, but a personal level as well.

Here I go, down the rabbit hole, falling, flailing, and hitting every bump along the way.  Dear lord, where is this going to lead… ?  Hopefully the adventure will not be too scary, but being obsessed with the macabre and the “other side”, I will make no promises.

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