Dissolution of the illusion

I tire of the jealous, selfish anger that seeps through the world today.  Positivity seems to have vanished without a trace.  When it does appear in a person, some other soul decides to come along and take it upon themselves to quash it.   The initiator of the positivity slinks away, feeling void, as if nothing that they ever accomplish will ever be good enough for anyone.  Their once positive outlook is now shoved away in some deep dark hole, where it will remain inanimate and dead.

Why do we do this to each other?  Why do we destroy this happiness and creativity in others?  Is it jealousy?  Anger?  Hate?  I tend to lean towards the jealousy aspect.  And it is more sinister than being jealous of another person’s creation, but it is jealousy of another person’s positivity.  Positivity is a very difficult thing to generate and maintain.  A person has to be wholly into the creation of positivity to make is real.  If at one step along the creation of positivity there is a negative thought or aspect, the creation will come to a crashing halt.  The positivity will only be a fleeting memory.  Humans today nonchalantly allow that negative aspect to creep in and immediately take over.  Positivity will instantly turn negative if allowed.  So much work has to be applied to pull the positivity from the negative. 

Here is where the jealousy comes into play.  Humans have become too lazy to turn that negativity.  They just let it be, and allow their creation to die a dismal death.  As they see others rejoicing in their positivity, jealousy grows from the fact that those who are full of negativity are not motivated enough to fight for their own positivity.  They then set out to destroy the positivity of others.  It is the age-old thought of “If I cannot have it, then no one can have it”.  In this act, the negativity is allowed free rein to consume.

In order to allow a creation of positivity to live, one must never lose focus and keep a strong bond with the creation.  Never allow anyone or anything to deter you from the goal.  Fight negativity when she rears her ugly head.  Your creation is yours and in order to be whole and happy, it must be seen through until the end.   When a person becomes at one with their positivity, no effort is involved to repel the negativity.  Fighting, pain, or sorrow will no longer exist.  The world will become a brighter, more serene habitat in which to thrive.  If we would all take this to heart, the negativity that is the dark cloud above our heads will dissolve and the sun will continually shine upon us. 

Keep Your Thoughts Positive

Thoughts Become Your Words

Keep Your Words Positive

Words Become Your Behaviors

Keep Your Behaviors Positive

Behaviors Become Your Habits

Keep Your Habits Positive

Habits Become Your Values

Keep Your Values Positive

Values Become Your Destiny

– Gandhi

©2011, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivative – visit  Amanda Headlee — It is Always Darkest Before the Dawn for the original source of this content.

One thought on “Dissolution of the illusion

  1. Your words are inspiring Mandy! I am in the middle of doing reports, you know the type, and this was a nice break in the mundane world of report hell. You are an inspiration; your writing moves the soul and is inspiring. Keep banging the keys my friend you can do anything you set your mind, heart and soul to!


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