The end is only the beginning.  For when one is at the end, the atmosphere becomes clear and the understanding of what needs to be done in order to move on is acknowledged.  Endings are never bad; Endings are an evolvement.  One should never look upon the end negativity, but rather a push to move on to the next level in level of life.  With this climb into the next level we gather enlightenment and definition, even if the next level looks like a step back.  In reality, no backwards steps exist.  What looks like a step back is only a needed learning experience to help propel a soul out of the current “slump” and onto the next enlightenment.  With each level that ends, we grow – despite the outcome. 

As a writer, this is sometimes a struggle:  to acknowledge an end.  Each draft of a story that I script is a better evolution from the previous, yet I feel horribly disheartened when the editing finally ends.  I feel that even though I brought it to life on paper, ending the story has killed the process of the writing experience.  I struggle with not allowing the story to die and move on where it could possibly flourish and be published.  For at the end of each story, I return to rewrite, and “retweek” the story to the point where it is never finished, and always changing.  Thus, the evolution becomes stagnant and I stop my writing career from moving on to the next step.  In order to push my career on to the next level, I need to allow these stories to end.

And in this push for closure, only positive things will come (in which for me, I wish for publication). 

The end is only the beginning…

©2011, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivative – visit  Amanda Headlee — It is Always Darkest Before the Dawn for the original source of this content.

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