Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity

Last week on the The Sarcastic Muse I announced the release of the Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity anthology coming this April.

This week  I am sharing a rather personal blog post about my Earth-shattering experience in writing my first published short story, Parallax, which will appear in the Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity anthology.

Click here to view the blog post:  Shaping the Story

To all my avid horror followers out there, I have finally gotten my schedule ironed out and will be back to weekly postings on this site.  Regular postings will occur on Mondays or Tuesdays.  I am also going to try to add media postings on Fridays.

As always, if there is anything you want to hear or learn about in the realm of horror/dark fiction literature, I am always up for new ideas for future posts.

Happy haunting!

(c) 2014, Mike Riehl

(c) 2014, Mike Riehl

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