Haunting Ends

Terrible thoughts have been plaguing my mind for the past three days.  So much so, that my synapses cannot fire without thinking of this situation that I now find myself consumed by.  I have been obsessing over this dilemma that I was unable write this blog post on Sunday… or Monday.  And I am struggling to write it now.

The dilemma:  I have no idea how to end the current story that I am writing.

Wait… let me rephrase that.  I know exactly how I want to end my story, but I am being told by some beta readers that it is the wrong ending.  Yet, let me just note that none of these readers are horror aficionados and this story is not one they enjoyed because it gave them nightmares.

The sun is setting on this grim ending (c) phaewilk

So to my loyal blog readers, I am turning to you and seeking your sage advice, for I am in great turmoil.  Do I follow my heart or write how I am being told to write?

Without divulging in the story’s secret, this one specific piece I am ending in a standoff between the Protagonist and Antagonist (and for my macabre kin – yes it is a tale of horror.  And yes, only one of them is “human”).  The final few lines detail an attack by one of the characters against the other character who holds his ground, weapon in hand.  And that is it.  That is where I am ending it.  The story does not divulge who survives or who perishes.

So I am robbing you, as the reader?  Do you feel cheated by this ending?  Do you need a solid conclusion?  Also, please answer with the thoughts on if the story length (short story vs. novel) has any affect on your feelings toward this open ending.

What draws me to horror is the unknown.  To dredge the abysmal depth of horror is the epitome of cosmicism.  I feed on how the genre sends my imagination reeling into uncharted dimensions in an attempt to fathom the complexities that are unfolding before my eyes as I try to associate the imagry with a human experience.

To me, the end to the entire tale is justifiable.  It leaves the wondering of “who is the real human?”, based on the open ending.  Mingled with an air of mystery, the reader is forced to come to his or her own conclusion.  To close the story with THEIR interpretation.

However, if I am truly wrong in my thoughts, and a solid ending is needed, I have already plotted out closure for this tale.  But be careful for what you wish for.  My imagination is more horrific than most in this realm.

You may just be safer with coming to your own conclusion…



5 thoughts on “Haunting Ends

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  2. OMG, Amanda! Run! Run from your friends! FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION! #1 This is YOUR story. You know best. They don’t read horror. They don’t know jack. As readers, we may LIKE it better when we “know” the outcome, but I can guaran-dam-tee you that we talk about it more when the ending is ambiguous. People will debate. I vote Amanda 100%



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