Listening to a World of Lovecraft

This week I am preparing for the Shore Leave convention, the launch of Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity, and finishing a few short stories to send off to contests.  Due to time being sucked out of my life and into a vacuum, I will be writing a shorter post today.  A larger post will be coming on Friday (8/1) as a one time event for the Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity book launch!!

However, I can’t have you all be bored until that time.  So without further ado, for those of you who are die hard lovers of old school horror literature, may I present the H.P Lovecraft Literary Podcast at

I stumbled across this amusing podcast a few months ago, and have been devouring 2-3 episodes almost every day.  Over this past weekend, I finally caught up to the present podcast.

The hosts of the H.P Lovecraft Literary Podcast, Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer, really know their shit and are extremely entertaining to listen.  The first lot of episodes covers all of Lovecraft’s stories, novels, and essays.  Then the guys move on to other literary tomes in the horror realm.  They dissect each work and input their own opinions to create a literary discussion that is engaging and intellectual.  And I just adore their interaction with the fabulous Andrew Leman of the H.P Lovecraft Historical Society.  Andrew’s voice is sinfully hypnotic (I was entranced with ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ podcast) and you can just hear how much he loves Lovecraft’s work.

As a horror literature aficionado and having read the majority of the works discussed, I can’t help to smile and nod my head in agreement with them – except for when one of them exuded his dislike for Algernon Blackwood’s works.  I am not going to give spoilers to say which of the two hosts does not like Blackwood (mainly ‘The Willows’), but just know that one of the two are on my “List”.  But, to each their own and that does not dissuade me from being a fan.

If you fall in love with the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcasts, make sure you subscribe to Witch House Media so that you can get the premium podcasts that are only available to subscribers.  The subscription is only a phenomenal fee of $6.66 USD per 3 months.


Beckoning Cthulhu (c) wintersixfour

Beckoning Cthulhu (c) wintersixfour

5 thoughts on “Listening to a World of Lovecraft

  1. Wow, that podcast sounds really interesting. I am really interested in Lovecraft but haven’t read enough of his novels as of yet. On the topic, I did actually just read a comic book by Alan Moore that was set in the Cthulhu Mythos though, called Neonomicon (I think is a Lovecraft title as well). I reviewed it on my website. If you are interested in seeing it I can send the link.


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