A Flash of Power

The first of many Flash Fiction Fridays by Andrew Knighton, and it does not disappoint! I have just started reading Knighton’s Riding the Mainspring, and it is my first steps into the steampunk genre. So far, the journey has been amazing and enlightening. I am looking forward to finishing the book and have hopes that he may do a steampunk-horror mashup someday *wink wink*.

Andrew Knighton writes

Today marks the first in what will hopefully become a regular fixture on this blog – Flash Fiction Friday.

Last Friday, Lisa Walker England declared her intention to post a piece of flash fiction on her blog each Friday, because it seems odd for fiction writers not to put fiction on their blogs. That made a lot of sense to me, and I’ve decided to join in.

So here, hastily written but hopefully still entertaining, is my first Flash Friday piece. Enjoy!

A Flash of Power

The factory rushed up and down the Lancashire hillsides, a vast mass of red bricks and frantically clattering looms, its wheels gouging up fields, ripping chunks from roads, smashing aside drystone walls. Dirk Dynamo clung to the roof like a trooper to his gun as the building continued in its unstoppable course, straight ahead, no distraction or diversion.

‘Tell me again,’ he bellowed over the roar of…

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