The Waking

Peter Nena’s story, The Waking, is absolute brilliance. This is one of the best short stories that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The Waking forces the reader stop to contemplate the meaning of the human existence. Life that is in essence the most epic horror story told. He drew from my writing prompt, The Companion, which I posted about on September 25th. And damn, he took that prompt to a place I never dreamed! The Waking, gives a new meaning to the “Circle of Life”. Bravo, Peter!!

Demogorgon's Fiction


A Range Rover flew past him like a whizz-bang and he had to swerve dangerously in panic. He called the driver a fucking bean soup.

“I hope you choke to death!” he cried in the cruellest, most vehement voice he could muster. “I hope you choke to death!”

His voice vibrated shrilly like the stridulation of a cricket.

After the vexatious Range Rover had vanished into the estate, and Ochise’s heart was once again calm, he pondered over whether he had cursed correctly or had blundered like a man drunk on bean soup. What if it was interpreted that he loved bean soup so much that he daydreamed about it? Ah, fuck it! But that wasn’t what he had meant—no, ma’am, sir, it wasn’t!—and any misinterpretations could be shoved up the shit duct!

“Shove it up the shit duct!” he squealed, and then grinned like death.

As a matter…

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