St. Patrick’s Purgatory

(c) 2014, Robyn LaRue

(c) 2014, Robyn LaRue

I hate to admit it, but I failed to produce on today’s “Before I Die…”.  And I am especially upset with myself because today wraps up the “Gateway to Hell” series.  I didn’t have a post written ahead of time, and my experience over these last few days has left me a little fried in the realm of writing.  Since last Wednesday, I have driven over 800 miles, wrote 42,000 words for my 1st novel, and started outlining the second.  Needless to say, I am surprised I can form coherent sentences at this point.

However, I will leave you with a link to Wikipedia to the location that I was going to talk about today.  I specifically saved this one for last because out of the entire “Gateway to Hell” series, I should hopefully be visiting this place within the next 2-3 years!

St. Patrick’s Purgatory in Lough Derg, County Donegal, Ireland

I hope that you have enjoyed the “Gateway to Hell” series on “Before I Die…” Mondays.  Sorry the series ended in such a sucky way.  I am extremely excited about the topic I have for next week.  Won’t be giving any spoilers except that it may be the most haunting place we discuss on Before I Die.

Now I am off to curl up with King’s Pet Semetary and veg out for the rest of the day.

P.S.:  If you have commented on any of my posts last week and I had not yet replied, I will be getting back to you later this week.  I saw some exciting comments about the monster posts and am looking forward to replying.


8 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Purgatory

  1. Fascinating, Amanda. From the description it is clear how this myth/story came about. There is so much unknown about St. Patrick (my son is named Patrick), and so much hype through such fables. This is a place I would like to visit. My husband and I are both Irish, so I think a vacation in Ireland is likely.

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  2. As a writer, you should never apologize because your creative work has gotten in the way of your doing other things. It sounds like you’ve been crazy productive! Great job! Plus, thanks for the link. Just another reason to visit Ireland (I have no evidence whatsoever, but I like to think I’m part Irish).

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