The Countdown to Halloween 2014

What in the blue Hell?!?!  Once again, I wrote a post and forgot to schedule it!  Publishing this one now, which should have posted at 1:00 am EST this morning.  In about an hour, my Halloween treat will publish.  Apologies for the back to back blog posts.


Tomorrow is the big day, so you have to wait one more day for a post! (Don’t look shocked.  Tomorrow is Halloween and I am a horror writer – enough said)

‘Tis the season when I start dancing around my house singing a macabre rendition of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.  There are dead bodies in my window, blood on my tables, and body parts sprinkled around my abode… oh wait – my house looks like that every day.  Ok, that’s an embellishment.  During the “non-Halloween” season the body parts and other creepy things are restricted to my office, the rest of my house is “sterile”.

So if you haven’t picked up on this: Halloween is my favorite holiday.   I can spread my love for the macabre to everyone in the world and most non-horror enthusiasts accept it with a smile.  They say, “Aw, look at how much fun she is having, celebrating Halloween.  Isn’t that just precious?”… such a contrast to them running away, screaming in terror in the “off-season” (though I usually prefer the latter).



This is a time for celebration, mischief, and mayhem!

To start off the party, here are two cool treats.  The talented Drew Chail has been super busy in Satan’s Workshop.  He and his mischievous demons – ahem, I mean elves – have been cooking up a Monster Mash.  And it is such a graveyard smash…

The Monster Mashup: Classic Monsters Gone Wrong

Monster Mashup Part 2: Monsters taken out of their Element


Until tomorrow… muwhahaha

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