The Hunger for Hallowe’en



Tonight is a sacred night.  Tonight they will come.  The little souls full of joy, their bags full of candy.   It waits in the shadow of a bush, mouth moistening at the thought of a tender foot or lean arm.  Chocolate makes the taste oh so much sweeter.

The time for the feast is near.  Down the street the first flock comes into view.  The littlest soul is an angel dusted in pink and white.  She raps on a door and shouts “Trick or Treat”.  It shudders in anticipation, memories of its past feasts.  The ritual has been in place for centuries and a plan for this meal forms in its mind.  Its eyes will target the wee pink one, her energy beckoning.  In an act of independence, the little soul will leave behind the bigger ones to walk on her own.  Proud footsteps will lead away from her protective group, pink tutu bouncing with each step as she unwraps a candy bar.  The toe of her little pink shoe will touch its shadow.  Her white, glittery angel wings will disappear into darkness, leaving only a candy wrapper on the ground.

As a larger female soul screams out, terrified by the little one’s the absence, others will search the vicinity.  But no remains shall be found.  Sated, it will recede deeper into the shadows until next year.

Sharp fangs protrude over its lips as the corners of its mouth curl upwards.  The congregation of souls continue on their course.  The smallest one sings a song as she skips along ahead of the others, pink tutu and white wings bouncing as she nears the shadows with each step.  Salivation drips from its maw.

It is time.  This is is Hallowe’en


Wishing you and your family a Happy Halloween.  Be safe and don’t step in any shadows while Trick-or-Treating.

Amanda Headlee, October 31, 2014

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9 thoughts on “The Hunger for Hallowe’en

  1. “It waits in the shadow of a bush, mouth moistening at the thought of a tender foot or lean arm.” Loved that bit. I could picture scene this as the opening of an X-Files episode; then credits, then Mulder and Scully interviewing the missing girl’s weeping mother. Well done. BTW, are you familiar with “Dia de los Muertos,” the Latin American talk on All Souls Day? You might find some fun possibilities there as well.


    • That is one of my favorite lines too. Actually, that is the line that started this FF.

      I don’t think I saw that X-files episode, but now I have to look for it.

      Dia de los Muertos is such a beautiful holiday. It is one that I am very partial to celebrate and honor my departed friend and loved ones. I have an idea for a story for that one. However, it won’t be horror. More of a sad tale about loss and crossing over.


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