Way to be a slacker…

This week turned out to be unexpectedly awful and I never found the time to write a “Before I Die…” or a Thursday post.  I sincerely apologize to anyone who looks forward to those.

Also, the trial run of the Horror-off Flash Fiction Challenge presented a lot of problems and will not be carried on a weekly basis.  I am not yet a full time writer and currently work over 40 hours per week at my day job.  Planning, researching, and writing 3 blog posts a week takes up a lot of time and by adding a Flash Fiction piece on top of that workload pretty much halted progression on my WIP novels for the past three weeks.  That didn’t sit too well in my heart, so I am giving up posting Flash Fiction on a weekly basis.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Flash Fiction is gone for good.  A monthly newsletter in the works, which I am planning to kicking off Q1 of 2015.  It will contain news, recap of the prior month’s posts, and a little flash fiction based off a monthly prompt.  So stay tuned… more info is to come.

Again, I apologize for being quiet this week.  I hope that didn’t piss anyone off… as I know you all are crazy about reading sick, demented, horrific things 😉  Please don’t come after me with blazing torches, pitch forks, and furries.

Wishing you all a great weekend and I will be back on December 8th with a new “Before I Die…” post.

10 thoughts on “Way to be a slacker…

  1. Look, if you’re going to make public confessions and apologies, it will have to be for something way more egregious (and juicier?) than working so hard that you miss a few blog posts. :~) Hoping you have a great weekend, and looking forward to your next post–whenever it comes!


  2. Seriously, Amanda. You work like a machine. Get that novel done so I can edit it. 😛

    FF is time-consuming, especially when you’re a perfectionist INTJ. I’ve come to the conclusion that the fewer the words are in a piece, the harder it is to get it right. How does anyone manage to write a story a week, anyway?


    • Hopefully by January it will be ready for you… hopefully. Seriously, FF is brutal. It would take me 2 nights to edit. INTJ’s are their own worst enemies.

      I will never figure out how someone writes a story and publishes it in a week. Definitely, something that I am not able to do. I wish I were able to…


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