It’s Alive!

Well, my sabbatical went a little longer than expected.  I apologize for that.  2015 has not been very kind.  Hoping that with the seasonal transition to Spring I can rebloom and get back to the old writing habit.

I wish I could provide you all with an update on how the novel is progressing.  It still lies at the halfway point.  I am going to be optimistic and say the first draft is halfway done instead of halfway started.   Starting this week, I am going to make a slight change to the blog.  As you all know I also blog for The Sarcastic Muse every Wednesday.  That schedule will remain in place along with the Thursday posts here.  The “Before I die… Bucket List for the Macabre” will be dropping to every other Monday starting in May.  Unfortunately, I was spending more time researching weird and sinister places than actually working on stories for publication.  If only humans didn’t need to sleep…

Author Robyn LaRue has been helping me get back on the writing track.  I am sort of her test subject at the moment for The Writing Habit.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about being the “guinea pig” for once.  Usually I’m the one in the lab coat with the scalpel.  As long as my brain or fingernails don’t end up in specimen jars all is well.  If you are interested in what she is up to, send me a message.  If I don’t respond, that means I am dead in the meat locker in her basement.

So stay tuned as there is more mischief, mayhem, and macabre on the way!

10 thoughts on “It’s Alive!

  1. I completely understand and can appreciate the black hole that researching sucks us into as writers. So much so that you feel like you are doing well to formulate more content, only to look back and realize you haven’t been writing. And Robyn’s stuff has certainly been helping me too! Glad to see you back in the mix Amanda 😉


  2. Your words and thoughts are welcome sight. And I refuse to accept your apology because no apology is called for. As someone who is himself a bit stuck in early-mid project, l sympathize with your situation, and I wish you a speedy breakthrough and strong winds to fill your sails from here on.


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