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Author Robyn LaRue is giving away 5 free copies of her latest publication:  Shadows Wake

(c) 2014, Robyn LaRue

(c) 2014, Robyn LaRue

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Shadows Wake is a coming-of-age story that contains an element of paranormal evil.  Set in 1950s northern California, the story follows Lillian Pratt and her friends as they journey to uncover the secrets of their town and the nearby mountain.  An ancient shadow is awakening and it will be up to Lillian to solve the town’s mysteries and put the evil back to rest.

As a horror writer, I personally love seeing books like this that gear the paranormal / horror / thriller element to a younger audience.  It gives the tweens and teens an introductory taste to the paranormal / horror genre without throwing them to the wolves and scaring them off.  I always say capture their interest when they are young and when they mature, it will be the adult horror literature that they will seek.

This Thursday’s post is going to discuss how the tweens and teens are shaping the future for the horror genre.

Beta Reads, Book Launches, and Travels – oh my!

There will be no crazy, demented, creepy post this week.  The past few days have been an absolute whirl-wind with beta reads, research, and travels.  Yet, I have a lot of good news to announce!

Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity is at the press as I speak and is fully prepared to launch at the Shore Leave convention on April 1st.  16 more days!

Write pals Phil Giunta and Kirsten Blacketer have a lot of short stories and novellas that will be releasing within the next few months.  They have been keeping me a busy beta!

My novel-in-process is causing me a lack of sleep – from nightmares.  That is my rated ‘R’ warning for severe terror and some gore.  I also have a short story that I am working on for an upcoming short fiction sampler.  No spoilers, so keep tuned into this blog and the Sarcastic Muse for more details that will be posting in the coming weeks.

And finally – and quite possibly the best news of the week – Robyn LaRue’s novel, Shadows Wake, launched today!  Congratulations to Robyn.  Shadows Wake is a coming of age story filled with twists and terror that will keep you holding your breath until the last page.  Be sure to check it out!


Be prepared for next week’s post as we travel into the mind of a Horror writer…


So much to do, so little time, and winter is right around the corner!  (c) jemolesky

So much to do, so little time, and winter is right around the corner! (c) jemolesky