Book Giveaway! Win a free copy of Shadows Wake

Author Robyn LaRue is giving away 5 free copies of her latest publication:  Shadows Wake

(c) 2014, Robyn LaRue

(c) 2014, Robyn LaRue

For your chance to win, click here

If you are interested in seeing my personal review of Shadows Wake, click here

Shadows Wake is a coming-of-age story that contains an element of paranormal evil.  Set in 1950s northern California, the story follows Lillian Pratt and her friends as they journey to uncover the secrets of their town and the nearby mountain.  An ancient shadow is awakening and it will be up to Lillian to solve the town’s mysteries and put the evil back to rest.

As a horror writer, I personally love seeing books like this that gear the paranormal / horror / thriller element to a younger audience.  It gives the tweens and teens an introductory taste to the paranormal / horror genre without throwing them to the wolves and scaring them off.  I always say capture their interest when they are young and when they mature, it will be the adult horror literature that they will seek.

This Thursday’s post is going to discuss how the tweens and teens are shaping the future for the horror genre.

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