The Companion

I stand on the edge of time, watching, waiting, preparing for your name to appear next on my list.  I count down the seconds until I can see you, to hold your hand or give you a gentle touch on your shoulder.  You and I are destined to meet.  It has been written in the stars across the eons.  I am the one who is going to take you on an extraordinary journey across time and space.  All within an instant, together we shall watch this universe’s time pass from the beginning until its end — you shall see it all.

Your reason for joining me on this trip is no business of mine nor is your past.  For now, I am merely your guardian for this brief moment, escorting you to your destination.  I do not care who you were or where you had been, I am content to reside with your current self for the duration of this journey.

You may ask of me, “But where are we heading?”
“We are traveling through the stars until your destination comes into view.” I will reply.
“So you do not know where I am going?”
I will solemnly answer, “It is not for me to know where you are heading.  I am only here to escort you there.”
“How do you know where to take me if you do not know where to go?”
I will look at you and draw your soul into my arms. “Deep within yourself, you know your destiny.  It has been determined since the day your body was brought into life.  In your subconscious, you know the location of your final destination.  I am only with you to ensure safe passage.”
“Final destination?”  You will pause, just like the others before you have. “You mean I am dead?”
“You are a soul without a vessel.  Your body expired on the plane of Earth.”

  • Amanda Headlee, 2014

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Upon first catching a glimpse of the picture above, a story started to spin in my head.  The above is a story that came from those spinning thoughts.  Maybe one day it will expand into something more.

My challenge to you today, is to write a flash fiction story using this picture as a prompt.  The story in no way has to reflect what is in the picture, so allow your imagine and creativity to soar.  It will be interesting to see what you are able to conjure up.

Please keep the word limit under 500 words, and paste your story in the comment section below.

NOTE: This is a grammar free zone today.  This is merely an exercise to get those creative juices flowing.


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